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Escort services. The historical necessity or whim of the great

Escort services were, are and will always be. As soon as men invented material values ​​and money, young sexual goddesses figured out how to get them and how to spend. On historical examples, it is easy to see – in the life of every great man, sooner or later a beautiful companion appeared (than not a model of escort?), Which had no influence whatsoever, solved nothing, but served as a guiding star, muse and inspirer. Military victories and scientific discoveries formed at her feet; poets, painters and musicians dedicated their best works to her. The paradox, but the more virulent were the given person, the greater were the creations of men and the more generous were their gifts to the beautiful ladies. Young and mature, chaste and sophisticated, cold and temperamental – all of them is the parent of today’s models provide escort service.

Thus, the prototypes of modern escort girls Elite Escort – the ancient Greek hetaera were so loved by men and played such a significant role in the life of society, that their images were perpetuated in Carrara marble, and names and talents were extolled in the creations of ancient literature. To a great antiquity, the traditions of the satisfaction of men with ancient Indian ganikas and Japanese geishas also date. From a small age they were taught singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and, most importantly, the art of conducting an interesting and informative conversation. Ability to communicate with hetero, geishas and ganikami elevates and exalts the man, gave him an additional status and respect in the eyes and friends and rivals.